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Why are they called Spark Crates?

We at Spark Crates believe that EVERYONE has something that they are really good at or that they like to do or think is very important.  That is your SPARK.  It's your special gift.

The cool thing is that only you have your exact SPARK and the world needs it! Sharing your SPARK is about finding ways to make other people's (or animals!) lives better by using what you're good at and what you like to do.

Spark Crates give you the opportunity to help 12 different causes to help you discover what you're most passionate about.  By sharing your spark with them, you will make the world a better place.

What are the differences between the Small and the Large Crate?

Both crates include a monthly service project, a magazine with learning activities about that month's cause, and ideas for healthy family fun (games and recipes) so that you can have a whole night of family fun.

The Small Crate is suitable for families with one child (or two, if they share well!). It contains enough supplies for them to make a craft to donate and one to keep.

The Large Crate is suitable for families with 2-3 children (or more, if they share well!).


What ages are Spark Crates best for?

All kids are different, but the magazine and projects are geared toward kids who are 6+.  Since the crates are done as a family, we have had customers with younger kids who said they enjoyed the crates (they just needed a little more help from the adult(s)).

What causes will we have the opportunity to help?

Our crates focus on helping:

  • You and your kids, to identify your sparks
  • Elderly
  • Teachers
  • Homeless pets
  • Our planet
  • Sick children
  • Foster children
  • Refugees
  • School children
  • Hungry families
  • Cancer patients
  • Veterans, active duty military, and First Responders
  • Homeless kids
How much does shipping cost?

It's FREE with a subscription!

Is it true that you donate all profits to nonprofits that make it easy for families to get active and serve?

Yes!  100% of Spark Crates profits are donated!  Receiving nonprofits include Stronger to Serve and each of the 12 organizations that are featured each month.

If monthly is too often for us, should we still subscribe?

Yes!  You can either get the boxes and store them for when you're ready or you can pause your subscription any time.

Why does the subscription end automatically after 12 months?

The first year of the program is to help your family discover the causes that are most meaningful to you.  Think of it as a "sampler." Instead of you having to contact 12 different organizations to get different experiences, we bring them to you!

After you complete the first year, you'll have the opportunity to purchase more advanced boxes about your favorite causes.

Can I customize my crate?

Yes!  Our crates offer the opportunity to add a related storybook to each month. These carefully selected books bring even more meaning to the project! 

You can also choose if you'd like to donate the kindness crafts locally or send it back in to our partner organizations.  

Do we have to donate the kindness crafts we make locally?

No! We will provide suggestions for donating your kindness craft locally, but if you'd prefer the convenience of shipping it back to our partner organization(s) we will include a prepaid shipping bag for you.

Can I purchase one crate instead of a subscription?

Yes!  Visit our Store to see what crates we have in stock.